Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is proud to announce our new lineup of grain sorghum varieties, thoughtfully selected to meet the demands on your farms. Drought resistance, standability, sugarcane aphid tolerance, and yield consistency are just a few of the traits that our new varieties can deliver to your bottom-line. For more info. see your local Sharp Bros. Seed Co. dealer.

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Seed to Seed, Native Grasses are Our Specialty. Learn more! Sharp Brothers Seed has been producing, harvesting, conditioning and planting seed for multiple generations! Operating from our headquarters in Healy, Kansas, we serve the U.S. market and beyond.

For all your Forage, Grass, Wildflowers, Alfalfa, Cover Crop needs in the Great Plains, you're in the right place! Please have a look around! We sell over 200 seed species and not all are listed on the website. 



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