Dryland Cover Crop Field near Olmitz, Kansas after the first light frost, Fall 2015.

Dryland Cover Crop Field near Olmitz, Kansas after the first light frost, Fall 2015.

Cover Crops

Your Cover, Grazing & Haying Solution

These fast-growing crops planted to build soil structure and organic matter, prevent soil erosion and improve nutrient availability. Cover crops are grown either in the season during which cash crops are not grown or between the rows of some crops. Cover crops may be planted as a single species or mix of species dependent upon the goals developed for each field.

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Specialty  Cover Crop Mixes to meet your needs

Combinations of Brassicas, Legumes and Grasses have been developed to meet the needs of our customers. With options for Grazing, Haying, Cover and variations of the three, our staff can help answer any specific questions and match you and your soil with the cover crop that will help you reach your goals for your land. 

Nematode Suppression & Biological Tillage 

We are offering a NemaTill Mix for application in the fall, with the goal of reducing nematode damage to the spring crop. In addition, this mix has the potential to perform aggressive biological tillage and nutrient recycling to the soil surface. NemaTill is a mix of 3 species of brassicas that are known to have exceptionally high levels of glucosinalates which function as biological nematicdes.

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Developed as a grazing, biological tillage and Nematode suppression cover crop. Plant August to early September, into maturing summer crops, wheat stubble or summer fallow. Can be aerially seeded