Construction/ Engineering Revegetation

Let us help you get that bare soil covered after your construction projects

We offer custom blends to fit your jobsite specifications and to help you get the soil tied down before Mother Nature moves it somewhere else.

Our staff has experience with construction specifications with:

  • Departments of Transportation
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • National Resources Conservation Service
  • Civil, Architectural & Landscape Design Firms

Some of our latest seed sales for projects include:

  • Pipeline Projects
  • Various Highway Projects
  • Natural Gas Substations
  • Oil Well Site Revegetation
  • Industrial Soil Remediation
  • Abandoned Site Soil Remediation

Our Sales and Agronomy staff have extensive experience with various soil types, and specifications to keep you in compliance on your next construction job. Sharp Brothers provides documentation that expedites verification of engineering specifications.  We are available to consult regarding the adaptability of native and introduced species to the diverse conditions that occur at job sites.

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Construction, Engineering and Revegetation

Soil stabilization is an important step in an construction or engineering project. Let our Agronomy and sales staff, with extensive experience, keep you in compliance on your construction job. We are available for consultations.