Monarch Butterfly & Honey Bee Mix

Pollen & Nectar for Bees & Butterflies

Includes Butterfly Milkweed, essential for the development of Monarch Butterfly larva. This mix provides prolific pollen & nectar for honey bees, wild bees & butterflies; early spring through late fall. Control existing vegetation before planting to reduce competition for flower seedlings. Broadcast or plant with a grass drill, the goal being shallow seed placement into a firm seedbed. Suggested planting rate is one bag per acre as a compliment to a prairie grass landscape. 5 bags per acre are suggested in setting without grass. Dormant seed in winter, or plant in early spring. Light mulch may be applied after planting to help maintain seed bed moisture.


Mix Includes:

Indian Blanket
Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Purple Prairie Clover
White Prairie Clover
White Yarrow
Upright Prairie Coneflower
Butterfly Milkweed
Blackeyed Susan
Lemon Mint/Beebalm
Maximillian Sunflower
Stiff Goldenrod 

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Monarch Butterfly & Honey Bee Mix

Pollen and Nectar for Bees and Butterflys 3-4 Seasons of Beautiful Blooms Butterfly Milkweed for butterfly larva food source