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For nearly 60 years, Sharp Bros. Seed Co. has set the standard for top-quality seed for home, farm and commercial landscape use. Expanding markets dictated development of new and improved varieties of both warm and cool season grasses, various legumes, forbs and wildflowers. These newer varieties have joined the broad variety of seed species and local-source native seed produced to meet consumers' growing needs throughout the eastern United States, the Great Plains and the inter-mountain areas. High-quality, dependable Sharp Brothers' Buffalo Brand seed is the standard that is demanded throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

Sharp Brothers Seed is proud to actively support and participate in the on-going efforts of organizations that promote conservation, energy and agriculture.

Today, Sharp Brothers Seed is the largest working seed producer in the United States. Sharp Brothers operates from the company headquarters at Healy, Kansas.

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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is pleased to announce that the company has sold the Colorado seed division to the current management team. We wish Buffalo Brand Seed all the best, and congratulate them on their new venture. Sharp Bros. Seed Co. will continue to research, produce, clean and package seed for all our customers at our headquarters in Healy, Kansas.