Foxglove Beard Tongue

Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beard Tongue)

Penstemon digitalis(Herbaceous Perennial)

Foxglove Beard Tongue offers a profusion of tubular white flowers on strong stems in May and June which provide nectar for hummingbirds. Foxglove Beard Tongue is a handsome plant with attractive seed heads and foliage that turns reddish in fall.

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Abundant white flowers
Foliage attractive summer through fall
Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds


30-48 Inches



12-18 Inches

Growing & Maintenance Tips

Grow in average to moist well-drained soil. Mass in perennial borders, cut flower gardens, wild gardens, native plant gardens, naturalized areas, prairies or meadows.


Interesting Notes

Like other white flowers, Foxglove Beard Tongue adds sparkle to the daytime garden and reflects light in the moonlit garden.

USDA Hardiness Zone 4 - 8

Great Companions

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