Blue Wild Indigo

Baptisia australis (Blue Wild Indigo)

Baptisia australis(Herbaceous Perennial)

Blue Wild Indigo offers clusters of indigo-blue flowers followed by interesting blue-black pods. Foliage is blue-green and growth habit is shrub-like.

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Three-season interest
Combines well with other border plants
Graceful habit


30-36 Inches



36-48 Inches

Growing & Maintenance Tips

Easy to grow in average, dry to medium wet, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates drought and poor soils. Takes a few years to become established but is very long-lived. Borders, prairies, meadows and native plant gardens. Effective in naturalized settings. Best as a specimen or in small groups. Seed pods can be used in dried arrangements.


USDA Hardiness Zone 3 - 8

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