White Prairie Clover

Dalea candida (White Prairie Clover)

Dalea candida(Legumes)

White Prairie Clover is a member of the legume family and is known for its tall, slender, showy upright clump habit, with fine textured green leaves that are larger than the purple prairie clover. The showy clusters of white flowers appear like 'buttons', opening from the bottom upward. The clumps bloom from June-September, often a week later than Purple Prairie Clover. Seedheads persist for winter interest. White Prairie Clover adapts to many soil types and is drought tolerant due to its slender taproots. A true native beauty whose blooms are attractive to bees and butterflies!

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36-48 Inches



24-36 Inches

Growing & Maintenance Tips

Full sun to light shade, average, moderate or high moisture soils. A very adaptable plant.


Interesting Notes

Wonderful plant to compliment other native perennials in the garden and to attract butterflies.

USDA Hardiness Zone 3 - 9

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