Showy Partridge Pea

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Chamaecrista fasciculata (Showy Partridge Pea)

Chamaecrista fasciculata(Legumes)

Showy Partridge Pea is an annual legume. The seed is one of the main food sources for Bobwhite and northern quail because it remains in solid condition throughout the winter and early spring. It is also good for soil stabilization on stream banks and slopes. This plant grows well drained soils, slightly acidic to moderately alkaline.

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Yellow Flowers Attact Pollinators
Important fall and winter food of Bobwhite Quail
Soil Stabilization


12-36 Inches



12-18 Inches

Growing & Maintenance Tips

Showy Partridge Pea is an annual legume that is 1’-3’ tall. It blooms yellow flowers that are about 1” across July thru September and the seed pod that it produces is 1 ½- 2 ½” long.

Plant late winter- late spring ¼-3/4” deep at a rate of 10 pounds PLS (pure live seed) per acre for a monoculture stand.  Inoculation is recommended for rhizobia colonization.  



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