Roundhead Lespedeza

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Lespedeza capitata (Roundhead Lespedeza)

Lespedeza capitata(Legumes)

The creamy white flowers of Roundhead Lespedeza form dense rounded heads over silvery foliage. Seeds are eaten by songbirds, quail and other game. Roundhead Lespedeza is a legume. Plants provide nutritious and palatable forage for livestock.

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Useful for prairie plantings
Easy-to-establish legume
Food and cover for wildlife


30-48 Inches



12-24 Inches


Interesting Notes

The tan colored seed heads are attractive in winter and are used in both dry and fresh flower arrangements. Lespedeza capitata plants were used medicinally by native Americans and are still used in homeopathic medicines.

USDA Hardiness Zone 3 - 9

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