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Russian Wildrye, Bozoisky
50 lb bags standard
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Russian Wildrye, Bozoisky has a multi year shelf life when stored in a Cool and Dry enviroment. Additional seed purchased this year can be used for years to come when stored properly.

Please note that there is a repackaging fee of $5.00 per package for bags smaller than the standard package size.
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"I have been sowing Sharp Bros. Seed since 1985 on my own land and as a custom driller. I have also used the seed from 7 to 8 other suppliers and Sharp Bros. Seed has always had the best quality. The drill is easy to set with Sharp Bros. Seed and it feeds out uniformly. I have had to recalibrate the drill 3 to 4 times with other suppliers' seed because of stems and trash that were not cleaned out of the seed. When I open a bag of seed, I grab a handful of seed and smell it. Sharp Bros. Seed smells fresh, which tells me that it was properly dried and cleaned. Other companies' seed occasionally smells musty. Sharp Bros. Seed has consistently high quality seed. You can count on it."

Marion Krehbiel
Farmer and Driller, Pretty Prairie, Kansas

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