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Native to the great plains, buffalo grass is a warm season grass with tolerance for extremes for heat, cold and drought. Buffalo grass has superior ability to stay green during drought. In later stages of prolonged drought, when soil moisture is totally depleted, buffalo grass will lose its green color and turn dormant as will any turf. When drought has ended and moisture returns, buffalo grass recovers from drought more effectively than other turf.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Alfalfa

Dairyland hybrid alfalfas with unparalleled plant population uniformity vigor, drought tolerance, water use efficiency, tonnage and forage quality. Industry leading salt tolerance. Branch root growth capabilities providing superior saturated soil performance.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Cover Crops

Graze/Hay between cash grain crops. Soil improvements, weed, insect, nematode suppression.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Cover Crops

NEMATILL II - Specialty Mix Developed as a grazing, biological tillage and Nematode suppression cover crop. Plant August to early September, into maturing summer crops, wheat stubble or summer fallow. Can be aerially seeded.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Establishing Perennials Species

Sharp Brothers Seed Company has provided grass, forb, legume, turf and annual forage seed since 1958. The company's primary product lines are perennials including native and introduced grasses, forbs and legumes. Although these species demonstrate amazing tenacity once they are established, perennial seeds are generally slower to germinate and exhibit less seedling vigor than much of the domesticated crop seed of which we are more familiar.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Forages

SILEX BMR 503 High Tonnage silage production potential with closely spaced wide leaves, drought tolerant, excellent standability, bountiful grain, outstanding fiber digestibility

Sharp Bros. Seed | Forages

TRITICALE 718 Reports of over 20 ton per acre silage on irrigated fields in SW Kansas during the 2015 harvest. Tall dense growth combined to produce outstanding forage yields. Standability, winterhardiness, and Awnletted variety adapted to late season grazing, haying or silage, without causing injury to the mouths of animals.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Forages for Stockmen

Where Yield & Palatability Meet for generations. M.B. Sharp started to produce and sell forage sorghum seed to nearby livestock producers in 1908. His sons partnered and founded Sharp Bros. Seed Co. 50 years later, adding grass seed production. Today his grandson and great-grandson carries on the family business from the company headquarters in Healy, Kansas

Sharp Bros. Seed | Grain Sorghum

Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is proud to announce our new lineup of grain sorghum varieties, thoughtfully selected to meet the demands on your farms. Drought resistance, standability, sugarcane aphid tolerance, and yield consistency are just a few of the traits that our new varieties can deliver to your bottom-line. For more info. see your local Sharp Bros. Seed Co. dealer.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Turf Grass

Specializing in water and labor thrifty lawn that are good for you - good for the environment. Warm season turf is growing in popularity due to the need for water conservation, and for the desire for lower maintenance lawns. Buffalo grass, native to the great plains provides beautiful turf that can tolerate extremes.

Sharp Bros. Seed | Wildflowers

MONARCH BUTTERFLY & HONEY BEE MIX Recommended by entomologists to effectively provide pollen and nectar for honey bees and butterflies, especially Monarch Butterflies. This perennial wildflower mix can potentially bloom all year long

Sharp Bros. Seed | Wildflowers

BONNIE'S BUTTERFLY & BEE MIX Annual and perennial flowers designed for flower beds. This mix of wildflowers' nectar and pollen will attract Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Honey Bees.