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The last couple of days Sharp Brothers Seed has been performing controlled burns on certain grass fields. The burns remove remaining dead residue from last year, weeds, and encourages vigorous spring regrowth! 

Producing, Harvesting, Conditioning and Planting Native grasses since 1958

Sharp Brothers Seed Company, the standard in quality seed for over half a century!

Welcome to Sharp Brothers Seed Company in Healy, Kansas! Today, Sharp Brothers Seed is the largest working seed producer in the United States.

Sharp Brothers Seed operates from two locations to serve the U.S. market and beyond. The primary location, and the one that serves the high prairie region, is the company headquarters at Healy, Kansas. Our other location in Greeley, Colorado mainly focuses on the Rocky Mountain region, and has their own website. 

For all your Forage, Grass, Wildflowers, Alfalfa, Cover Crop needs in the Great Plains, give us a call at our Healy, Kansas location at 800-462-8483 or contact us by e-mail.

We sell over 200 seed species and not all are listed on the website. We are currently updating the site, sorry for the inconvience, but please give use a call if you need seed not listed.

2015 Brochures

Improving Alfalfa Production
Forages for Stockmen
Targeted Cover Crops 

During office hours, if you have questions or need help, and see "Visit with Our Staff" at the bottom-right of your browser, you can chat with someone in our Healy, Kansas office!

If you are in the Colorado/Rocky Mountain Region
please contact Greeley, 800-421-4234 or info@buffalobrandseed.com



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