Experience - It's in the bag!
Sharp Bros. has over 45 years experience in producing, harvesting, conditioning and planting native grasses.
We were here for the Soil Bank Program of the 1950's, the first CRP in the 1980's, and we have the experience and quality seed for this CRP program.
Gail Sharp and Gerald Sharp inspecting clean seed (mid 1960's)

The goal of SHARP BROS. SEED COMPANY is to provide a top quality product for its customers. This is a tradition handed down from over 80 years of involvement in the seed production industry by the Sharp family members. Officially established in 1958 at Healy, Kansas, SHARP BROS. SEED COMPANY has emphasized excellence in seeds of native grasses for both public and private use. As markets expanded, new and improved varieties of both warm and cool season grasses, various legumes, forbs and wildflowers were produced for consumers throughout the Great Plains and inter-mountain areas. Now sales of Buffalo Brand seeds from SHARP BROS. SEED COMPANY can be found throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

SHARP BROS. SEED COMPANY actively works with conservation agencies, cattlemen's associations, reclamation agencies, farmers and ranchers and prairie restoration groups in a growing number of areas.

SHARP BROS. SEED COMPANY looks forward to serving the needs of its customers in the 21st Century. By continuing quality productions, modern management, and far reaching visions of future service, we will continue to be a leader in our industry.

Healy, Kansas

Sharp Bros. Seed Co.
1005 S. Sycamore
Healy, Kansas 67850
Toll Free 800-462-8483
Tele 620-398-2231
Fax 620-398-2220

Greeley, Colorado

Sharp Bros. Seed Co.
101 East 4th Street Road
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Toll Free 800-421-4234
Tele 970-356-4710
Fax 970-356-1267


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